28 January 2010

Evony City Bot

Anyways, let’s get to the Evony City Management Bot. This bot is the most advanced I’ve ever seen for Evony, it basically controls everything in your cities while you are away. You just tell the bot what goals you want to accomplish and the bot will do it for you. It will do so in a way trying to mimic human behavior so chances you will get banned using the bot are very low. Even if you happen to get caught, the ban is usually only for 3 days.

The main features of the bot are these:

* Trading on the market to make you money and extra resources while you are away. It will make sure your troops are always fed and buy other resources to build whatever you tell it to.
* Build and research based on goals you provide. Dependent buildings and researches are added automatically, which is really cool!
* Farm all NPCs in your area for resources using the correct amount of ballistas and transports.
* Hunt for medals automatically. Even on new servers, you can advance your title reasonably quickly using this function!
* Building of level 5 NPCs automatically in the surrounding area of your towns.
* Select good heroes from your Inn, attack, intelligence or politics. It will then upgrade the heroes automatically.
* Send out guarded attacs that allows troops to be recalled automatically if target is reinforced.
* Send out loyalty attacks that makes sure at most one wave of cavalry dies in case the target is reinforced.
* Takes care of your gates, opening and closing them to defend against scout bombs and other attacks. It also sends away your ballistas and transports with resources if you wish, to stop anyone from getting anything when trying to rob your resources, really a neat feature.

Overall the Evony City Management Bot is just extremely powerful and will help you a ton in Evony. No other Evony bots are even close to the quality of this one. I will share the link where the bot is located to all subscribers of the new MMO newsletter I just started up.

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