13 April 2010

Moshi Monsters Rox Cheats

Free roxs:
Plant three magic beans and than wait until they are grown that when you take
they out you will get 100 roxs for each planet.

Free rox:

Plant 3 magice beans. Once they have fully grown, dig them up. The rox can range
from 1 - 100 depending on your monsters health(if ur monsters health is low you'll
get a low amount of rox etc.)

Roxs Hint:

How to get a rox plant plant any 2 seads and wait till they fully grow then plant a third
leav the moshling gardns and go straight back in if there is a small blue thing insted of
your plant dont dig it up put your mouse over it and it will say dig up this rox plant/
but dont dig it up let it grow.

How to spend your rox wizely!:

First you play the daily challenge and get as much rox as you possibly can, next you go
to yukia and get what you want there, then go to bizzare bizzaar and buy what you want
but not all your rox,l finaly go to the market place and spend almost the rest of your
rox but leave enough to buy food for your monster until you have zer0 rox left!!!

How to get more rox:

This only works if you are a moshi member.
When u go 2 the port you have rox trees. To get the rox of the tree just click on the
tree. Once uve shaken them all but still don't have enough rox, sign out then sign in
again. If u go back into the port the rox will be back on the trees!

More rox:
Buy 3 of any flower u want.plant them and go home.go strait back and you might see something
blue growing out.put ur mouse over it and it will say rox flower.once it is fully grown,try
to shake it. If you don't get all the rox,log out and log in again.shake it again then more
rox will come out.

More rox:

To get more rox on moshi monsters just go to the garden cart on Main st to buy moshlings buy
3 rox flowers and then go to the moshiling garden, plant them, wait for them to grow fully,
then dig them up then u will get rox up too 100 or more. Or play the games on moshi monsters.
Or if ur a mermber go to the port and shake rox off the tree then log off then log back in
again then go to the port then the rox will be on the tree's again. Repete that spet as many
times as you want.

Free rox or moshling:
First you have to make sure you have 999 happiness and health. then, go to the port or the
main street and buy 3 dragon fruits. Plant them in your garden. Once they have fully grown,
you may see a rox plant and dig it up (you must have 999 health and happiness) and you will
get 20-50 rox. If you dont have a rox plant, a chopchop (monkey) will be there.

How to rox while your shopping:

Ever been realy anoyed when you see somthing realy cool but realy expensive? Well heres the
trick for you. All you need to do is go to main street and either:go right to the right hand
side and this big round building will come up, click on that and en-gen will come up. Or you
can go right to the left hand side and click on a man holding a net and some butterflys around
him, that will take you to a game called butterfly field. After you've played one of them you
will hopefully get some rox so...HAPPY SPENDING!!!!!

Ways to get rox with little effort:
Go onto the puzzle palace and do the daily quiz. As long as you get over 10 answers right
you should get 100 rox or more. The amount you get also depends on the speed you are answering
the questions. You go back to the puzzle palace and go to hall of puzzles, click on a random
one and then leave it. You should at the end get the 5 rox you usually get. Although this is
not much, if you keep repeating the process then you shall get 115 rox everyday if you do all
the puzzles!

How to get a lot of rox:
This trick is pretty obviouse but i thought i might point it out anyway. If your doing REALY
badly in the daily challenge and know that you are not guna get a lot of rox, log out before
the you earn the rox and the quiz is over. Then log back in and u can have another chance. Do
this as many times as you like untill you know your guna get a realy good score because you
got most of the questions right.

More rox for non-members:
First just login then when it has loaded scroll down below the box for moshi monsters
and it will have a button that says 'Invite friends.Get rox!'.Click it, and it will
come up with a page to send a friend an email to sign up.Type in ur own email to sens
it to and type in ur name in the other box.Click send and it comes up with another page.
Then go to ur email and check it.Click read the message, go back to moshi monsters and
log off and then click adopt now.Then adopt another monster on the page that comes up!
Use ur own email to activate it and do just that- activate it.Then go through all of
the other stuff that happens until u get to ur house.
Then log off and log on as ur normal account and u will get 100 rox more.U can repeat
as many times as u want until u have as many rox as desired.

Cheats by: glittermay19, 2Ojustaddwaterchick, seitsunade, niamh, zoe, samun,taniesha

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