14 May 2010

Dragon's Call Fast Level Guide

A guide related to Dragon's Call that was written by Grindz in the official forum. He gives lots of hints and tips that will surely help you level up quickly. You will find yourself understand Dragon's Call much better after reading this.

Dragon's Call Fast Level Guide

Quests and the Arena Battles are the two most important parts of leveling quickly - however as you reach level 30+ it is important to always do the math as often times you are able to gain more exp fighting high level mobs than doing low reward/low level mob Daily Quests. You should keep track of your average exp reward for the highest level mob you can effectively defeat as you gain levels so you can do the comparison easily and not have to waste AP to figure it out.

Making the decision is easy - simply figure out your projected reward for killing 10 monsters without a quest versus the total projected exp reward for daily quests (monsters + quest reward) and go to work. (Note: most quests are either 10 mob sets, or require approx. 10 mobs to complete)

Always purchase exp blessings if you can and don't waste time. If you are working off a 1 hour blessing - wait until you are finished to examine item drops, attempt to sell things, or participate in other community activities. The 30 % blessing is very valuable over time.

For many levels - always convert your Arena Honor points to either straight EXP or to extra AP. Use leftover points for AP and either attempt to finish open quests - or farm the highest level mob you can.

When your AP is depleted and all Arena battles complete - go to work in the Arena and be smart - I always picks times such that I can work for the entire period between completing my AP for the day and the following days replenish. I usually set the time to finish at 8:00 pm and then reset for another 12 hours to complete at 8:00 am.

While at work, you can complete any available embedding/upgrading you can with item drops or purchases and sell off what you can't use either in the market or openly in the community. You can also check the various shops for interesting items.

One mistake I made was not to focus on upcoming level brackets. When I was a higher level 20's I managed to have a +9 weapon and a +8 weapon and various upgraded other items across the board. This was good - though when I reached lvl 30 I was unprepared and scrambled to build appropriate weapon and item sets to remain competitive in the arena. This challenge also continued into the level 40 group, but mostly due to poor luck in getting Gem drops - and continuing to exchange Honor Points for EXP instead of Gems.

Depending on your class - and overall progress - you will need to decide during each set when to start preparing for the next by getting new gear ready - and when to trade Honor for gems instead of exp. At higher levels - you can probably farm EXP more economically than exchanging for Honor and will probably want to retain Gems whenever possible.

As you move on to higher levels and exchange upgraded gear out - always break it for Magic Debris or decompose. Breaking it is much cheaper but if necessary decompose it. Magic Debris is always helpful in achieving successful upgrades. To break gear simply use a splinter on it without using Debris until it breaks - at higher levels just pay for the decompose - don't waste gems....gold is easier to get than gems! Never sell off an upgraded bound item without collecting the Debris.

Use elixirs wisely - if you are doing quests or farming EXP load up on luck. When battling in the arena use elixirs that help your character specifically - as a Warrior I always use Strength and Stamina. Elixirs are also an average drop so you should have a good supply and not worry about using them up. If not - buy them from the Alchemy store as they are cheap and useful. Luck and being on Quests do seem to affect the percentage of item drops received consistently, though it does not seem to effect the quality of the drop.

When battling in the arena, be mindful of your current level - if you are a low level 20 for example, use up your AP first and do any upgrading you can before doing your battles. If you are a level 29 to start the day, do your Arena Battles first as you will be very strong in your class. More wins equal more Honor Points to convert. If you happen to obtain the next level group while questing (lvl 29 to lvl 30 for example) DO NOT use your new Character or Skill points before completing your Arena Battles for the day. You will remain in your existing level set until you use the points.

As you reach higher levels it will become increasingly more important to plan for the next level set and start preparing new gear before you get there. The level 30 gift pack will give you a nice weapon for level 40 - and a handful of lucky gems. Use them wisely and don't over build for the level 30's. Once past level 40 it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain 2 levels per day so do what you can to remain competitive in the Arena and convert for Gems always. The only time I convert for EXP is if the conversion will get me to the next level and there are many upcoming quests to do in the level. Note than some levels have very few quests and some have several - it is easy to see what is upcoming in your Quest log.

Always use your Divinity 'spin' when you are prepared to play - you may receive a blessing and if you have no AP left it will be useless.

Participate. Participate. Participate. Contents and events can provide nice rewards to help you along the way. That, and it is fun to be part of the community!

By Grindz

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