14 May 2010

Dragon's Call NOOB`s Guide

First of all, as you can read around in the forum, the Internet Explorer Browser is the most recommended for optimum compatibility with free browser game Dragon's Call.

>: Make a new account
Let's start by creating a new account.
Registration Link
Fill all the form in this picture, with a valid email address for the email confirmation and a password greater than 4 characters.

>: Log-In
If you made a new account, you wouldn't need to Log-In yet, so you can jump to the next chapter.
Before the Log-In I suggest you to look your incoming email and confirm your registration.
After that you can log-in with your new account.
Log-In Link
If you tick your browser will remember your email.
If you tick your browser will remember your password for 15 days.

>: Make your character
Write your IGN (In Game Name).
You can choose from the following classes (you can read a small description on the left, after you select one of them):




Choose your gender, which will change only your Avatar picture.

>: Newbie Tutorial
You will start with a small, but very useful, introduction of the primary functions and actions of the game.
(You can skip the tutorial by pressing the top right skip button. You will receive all the experience anyway!)
It will explain a lot of things, like how to move in the map, how to talk with NPCs (Non Player Character), kill monsters, etc...
You will be able to see the entire tutorial again at the end of it by pressing the replay button.

These are the most value items of the game.
You can buy them for real money or win them in events.
Payment Link Events Link
Their value should be quite the same. Some example where you can use them:
~ Enlarge your inventory and your Warehouse (price increases every time)

~ Reset statistics or skills (for free before level 30)

~ Buy special stuffs in the Mall

~ Buy HP Points for the HP Pack, by clicking the + near the HP bar (you spend normal gold in the Tavern!)

~ Buy AP Points, by clicking the + near the AP bar (the smaller pack are sold in normal Gold, and you can trade them in the Arena too)

~ Continuously attack the same monster more than 5 times (for free in VIP mode)

~ Stop fighting immediately

>: VIP Blessing
You can trade it for Dragon Gold or Stones in the Mall or you can win it by Lucky Divining, or you can also win it in some kind of events.
Events Link
If you have the VIP Blessing, I will see a little crown in the circle near your avatar, as the other kind of blessing.

When you have this kind of blessing, you can earn more gold and experience from monsters and works, and you can continuously attack the same monster more than 5 times without pay any Dragon Gold or Stones. You can also wait just a minute instead of 5 in the Arena before dueling another person.

>: Divine
Every time you log-in, you should use your Divine.
I suggest you to stop the roulette only when the arrow is pointing at what you want, for example at the VIP hour blessing. Most of the times it works perfectly =P

>: Quests
Another MUST is to collect as many quests as you can, because they give you more and faster experience and powerful items then you can receive by simply killing monsters.
You can find quests in towns, if there're any NPC with a big gold "!" (Exclamation point) near its face, it means it can give you a new quest, otherwise if there's a big gold "?" (Question mark) it means you finished the quest and you can get the prize. Quests are made for levels; you won’t any quest too much hard for you.
Remember: daily quests are not as much useful as the others, but they're better than nothing!

>: HP Pack
The HP Pack will be your best friend. If it's going to be empty, you can go into the tavern and buy some HP Points to fill your pack.
Don't worry too much about the money you'll spend for it!

>: AP (Action Point)
Remember, you can kill monster stronger then you, but don't exaggerate... Your APs are very important!
If you finish your APs you can do some duel in the arena or work in the Job Center (I suggest you to work in the Arena because it makes more experience points).

>: Lucky Gems and Runes
You should use all the low-levels lucky gems and runes to upgrade your equip as soon as possible, because as you can read on their description, they work only for a limited range of equip levels, so you will "waste" them after few times (you can sell them to the NPCs for 0 gold or just a bit more!). It will be better for experiencing and dueling too!
Rune Embedding Link Equipment Refining Link

>: Auto-fight System
If you have to log-out, you should leave your character working in the Job Center or make him/her kill some monster by Auto Fighting or just by the Training Field, so when you'll be back you'll see your experience and your gold increased.
Auto Fighting Link

>: Arena PVP (Player versus Player)
After you will reach the 10+ level, you'll be able to make PVPs and collect Honor Points that you will use to buy experience (maybe at higher levels, when experiencing is more difficult) or other important stuff at the Munitions Vending.
Arena Information Link

>: Suggestions
~ Before level 10, you can't do any duels at the Arena.
~ Before level 20, you can restore your HP for free at the Tavern.
~ Before level 30, you can reset your skills for free.
~ Before level 30, you can reset your statistics for free.

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