15 May 2010

Ikariam Cheats: Ikariam Combat Report Formatter

The Ikariam Library Combat Report Formatter is used by may people from many different Ikariam game servers. Since each server creates combat reports in its respective language the Formatter is unable to parse it correctly without additional text in that native language.

Furthermore, the output also contains text that, when posted to a respective language forum would be better suited to use the native language, rather then English.

The CR formatter has been designed and built with multi-language support. All that is needed is users that are willing and able to translate the language file; to do so.

Using the CR formatter is easy, just follow the steps below:

* Paste the entire report starting from "Overview of the battle" down to the bottom of the content box. Or, copy the entire content of the page from Ikariam.
* Paste the report into the large text area on the CR Formatter page
* Select the required output format
* Forum Output
o Select the colors for each section by clicking the colored box, and selecting a new color
o Or, select a pre-saved skin from the list box below
o If you have selected custom colors; you are able to save the skin. Simply provide a unique name to save as
o Skins will be saved and applied when the report is processed
* XML Output
o No additional XML options are available
* Forum Output
o No additional HTML options are available
o Note: HTML output source can not be directly copied from Ikariam Library at this time
* Select whether participant details should be displayed (this is, player names and towns)
* Select whether the report should be submitted the the Ikariam Library killboard
* If the report is to be submitted to the Killboard, select if it is a private report or not
* Note: killboard reports contain all data that a full report contains.
* Finally, click "Parse Report"

Ikariam Cheats: Ikariam Combat Report Formatter---

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