15 May 2010

Ikariam Cheats Tools: Ikariam Killboard

Ikariam Killboard parses and stored battle reports from Ikariam. The information can then allow users to search for specific players, keep a record of their own conquests and see overall statistics about combat within Ikariam Worlds.

Anyone interested in keeping a continuous record of their kills, including such information as total killed or lost troops; or total loot collected or lost should use this tool, the information will never expire.

The Killboard also includes an option to make battle reports private; these reports will be included in overall states and leader board records, but will not be able to be viewed in their entirety unless the password for the attacker or defender is provided.

Note: Password authentication is not yet available, however posting of private reports is. For the time being, private reports will not be viewable after submission!

---Ikariam Cheats Tools: Ikariam Killboard---

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