15 May 2010

Ikariam Cheats Tools: Troop Calculator

The troop calculator can be used for planning and tracking military expansion and the reduction of your
enemies' military. The calculator will determine the gold price and resource cost of the units, their assault
and defense values, and generate an estimate of military score the units represent.

Input the number of troops and/or ships you are interested in evaluating and click the calculate button.
If you are interested in calculating attack or defense in particular, select the corresponding option and if
defending, enter the town wall and town hall.
Unit upgrades If you would like to apply an upgrade to all units, click the corresponding logo.
Generals score Using the calculated generals score, one can estimate how much of an opponent's military they have observed or destroyed as well as making plans for building their own military.

----Ikariam Cheats Tools: Troop Calculator----

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