15 May 2010

Ikariam Free Cheats Tools

Ikariam Free Cheats Tools - One key to becoming big in Ikariam is expansion. Settling a new colony is easy but brings with it the price of corruption. Ikariam Free Cheats Tools recommend to have your city ready before making the move to creating a new colony. This may sound simple but when you have a few towns it can be quite easy to overlook the impact this can cause. Here i provide you several ikariam free cheating tools:

1. Ikariam Free Cheats Loot Calculator Tool

The loot calculator calculates the maximum loot you will receive based off a pasted spy report. It also specifies how many cargo ships will be needed to collect the loot.

2. Ikariam Free Cheats Citizin Alerter Tool

Citizin Alerter shows if your townhall is almost full: as seen in the screenshot, your number of citizens becomes red. If your town is full, it wil also be bold.

3. Ikariam Free Cheats Town Enhancer Tool

Adds labels to buildings in your towns which can show the buildings name, its current level and if you have the resources in town to upgrade it (a hammer is shown on the label).

If the requirements for the next building upgrade are unknown, a blue question mark will appear instead of the hammer.

4. Ikariam Free Cheats Army Calculator Spreadsheet

The purpose of the first page is for the main section to be filled in and saved and adjusted as needed so as to keep a personal reference to monitor the defense capabilities of each of your towns, your generals score and upkeep with each proposed change in military units. The second section allows you to assess the costs of your intended military expansion and will indicate how much generals score you will gain and how much your upkeep will rise as a result.

5. Ikariam Free Cheats Town Planner Tool

Allows you to re-arrange the locations of buildings (in city view), towns (in island view) and choose the background image for any island.
The layouts are Location and World Specific, you have to create (or re-create) layouts for every island/city.

6. Ikariam Free Cheats Allies and Friends Highligher Tool

Allows You to Highlight Groups of Alliances in Island View with the following colors:

Please note that I have stopped changing the version number in the script name so your saved information is not lost on update. This current version of the script is no longer under development. bugs will be fixed evenetually, when they pop up.

* Purple
* Orange
* Cyan
* Green (same as members of your own alliance)

7. Ikariam Free Cheats Shipment Times Tool

Shipment times shows a calculated time in which it will take to transport the selected goods to the destination.

The calculation includes the time in which it will take to load the goods, plus the travel time and then a total time.

8. Ikariam Free Cheats Spy and Pillage Helper Tool

Adds information about the total number of ships required to pillage a town, along with the maximum loot available taking into account of the towns warehouse level.

9. Ikariam Free Cheats Member Town Resource Tool

shows you the type of Luxury Resource each Alliance Member's Towns has.

To see this information, goto Embassy View and hover over the Towns Column. (see image)

This script is approved for use on Ikariam.org

10. Ikariam Free Cheats attack Cheats

Displays the attack, defense and stamina scores of a town. The script takes into account the number of units and ships, their upgrade levels, the assault and resistance bonuses, and the wall bonus. It does not take into account other bonuses (i.e. healer, regeneration, ram). The data is saved into the browser when viewing barracks and shipyard pages. A score of zero means you either have no troops, or you haven't looked at the barracks and shipyard pages.

11. Ikariam Free Cheats Embassy Tool

Based on the idea from Luca Saba's Ikariam All-in-one Embassy Tool, this is a complete rewrite.

This script modifies the presentation of the alliance members table in the Diplomatic Adviser and Embassy.
In addition to the existing information available in this table, the script detects and displays changes in players' total scores. It also displays the "Last online" timestamp for each alliance member, normally available as a tool tip message when you hover over a light bulb.

12. Ikariam Free Cheats Hideout Travel Times Tool

Hide out travel times adds the travel time onto the syp information within the hide out.

Ikariam Free Cheats:

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