21 May 2010

Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Keys,Giveaway and Client

Aeria Games & Entertainment has released the game client of Kingdom Heroes, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that introduces a variety of new features to the MMO genre. In Kingdom Heroes, players will be able to recruit and customize NPC soldiers to form their own personal armies; organize a crew of players and take to the seas in ship battles; work together to establish, develop, and defend player-controlled cities; conquer enemy strongholds using an impressive arsenal of troops, mounts, ships, and powerful siege engines. In related news, Aeria has announced that in response to the number of requests for closed beta testers, it will invite a larger second wave into the game (press 'read more' for details).

Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Key Instructions:

1. Login to your MPOGD Account and visit http://www.mpogd.com/games/beta_keys.aspx to receive your key.
2. Visit Aeria Games and log in to your account. If youre not already a member, register for a free account: http://login.aeriagames.com/index.php?q=user/signup
3. Go to the Kingdom Heroes CB Key Redemption page and enter your key: http://kingdomheroes.aeriagames.com/cse/cbevent
4. Youre good to go! Simply download the game, install, and start your adventure!

Kingdom Heroes, the newest massively multiplayer online game (MMO) from Aeria Games, reaches new heights in free-to-play games with epic massive player-versus-player (PvP) battles over land and sea. These sprawling conflicts will leave a trail of bodies in its wake as the savage struggle for conquest toils on.

Kingdom Heroes puts players in the midst of the legendary Three Kingdoms period of Ancient China, the bloodiest chapter in the countrys history. Players will experience first-hand a land divided by power-hungry dynasties, and as part of one of three historical kingdoms the Wei, Shu and Wu kingdoms players will fight each other as they vie for rule of the land.

At the heart of Kingdom Heroes is large-scale PvP combat where scores of players clash in heated battles storming castles and other fortifications to seize control of vital territory. Players can engage each other on both land and sea, using a combination of online friends, NPC armies, siege engines and even guild-manned sea vessels. As a persistent world environment, territory will come under conflict, boundaries will constantly be redrawn and to the victor go the spoils.

* Epic Kingdom-wide Combat. Experience PvP action on a scale like no other. Venture into battle to raze enemy forts and strongholds; or join other player armies to take over entire cities and ports, with each conquest and defeat changing the tide of war
* Ship-Based PvP. Players experience the rare opportunity of convening on a seafaring vessel to take down enemies. Ships are tied to the in-game guild system, and the captain of the ship can assign navigation, gunnery and repair roles. Up to seven players can work these roles on one vessel but many more can be on the ships deck as support raiders
* Siege Engines. For ultimate conquest, and when players absolutely, positively must kill every last enemy soldier in a stronghold look no further than siege weapons. Player armies can use ballistae, catapults, trebuchets or battering rams for a lightning-quick assault, or a full-on brute force siege of city defenses
* Revolutionary Guild PvP. Ancient general Sun Tzu would be proud of the rewards players get while cooperating in the siege of a city. By collaborating, each player fills a vital role in taking down targets of interest. Its this cooperation that can make or break an army
* Resource Management. Player-conquered cities can become vital sources of income for a guild. Once a city is taken over, an administrator is put in charge to develop building upgrades and defenses, and is rewarded with taxes collected on local business. However, greedy players will soon find their coffers empty as the pulse of the market travels elsewhere.
* Customizable Armies. Players can customize their formidable armies to a great extent, from diverse unit categories to different types of formations and marching orders. Players can even give old armor pieces to soldiers to bolster strength for the battles that lie ahead.

Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Keys (Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Key Giveaway)

You've been patiently waiting for this moment and it's almost here! Want early access to the Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Test? If you haven't already signed up through the Aeria Games website, head on over to one of the participating sites listed below, and redeem your key. Hurry -- the war awaits! Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Client

Kingdom Heroes (KH) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that introduces a variety of new, revolutionary features to the MMO genre. In Kingdom Heroes, players will be able to: Kingdom Heroes Closed Beta Client

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