22 May 2010

Petpet Park Cyodrake Happenings, Double Park Points for Mini Games

Petpet Park Cyodrake Happenings, Double Park Points for Mini Games
Have you played the mini-games around the Park lately? In honour of Petpet Park’s Birthday, until May 20th, you can earn double points on all these games, so don’t miss out on this special event!

The Cyodrake Parade was a spectacle to behold! Dragons roamed the Park to show their love for King Quan and his return. He’s so appreciative, in fact, that he’d love to see more pictures from the parade. Won’t you send them to submissions@petpetpark.com?

Speaking of the Cyodrake Temple, check out this Deluxe Cyodrake Paper Mask from the Mall! It comes with a piece of Festive Rice Candy, and can be exchanged for a reward if you visit Na-it’s a nostalgic favourite of his.

Did you visit Mayor Bricemurdle last week? If not, then you ought to do it soon… many new achievements are waiting for you to conquer them. If you are a super collector, now is your chance to earn your reward! Selected 1000 collector badges will earn you a special item.

Something magical is about to be unleashed inside Petpet Park. Though it's a big secret, some Petpet managed to capture a sneak peek. See it for yourself!

This Friday at Fins, Feathers & Fashion between 4-5NST, the Flower Plop Hat will be on sale for the low price of ONE Park Point! Nothing attracts good cheer like a flower on your head!

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