20 July 2010

Wizard101 Guide to mixing and hatching pets

Wizard101 Pet Mixing

Guide to mixing and hatching pets
So basically if you are mixing 2 level 48 pets/promo pets:

25% same pet back
25% partner's pet back
25% hybrid that has your pet base
25% hybrid that has your partner's pet's base


A has Colossus
B has Orthrus

25% Colossus back
25% Orthrus back
25% Sandman (Colossus base)
25% Ice Hound (Orthrus base)

I think this is true for the majority of lvl 48/promo pets.

You keep the original pet.
Pet type for the offspring is random.
From a Piggle/Imp combo it could be:
Piggle and Piggle
Piggle and Imp
Imp and Piggle
Imp and Imp

All of the offspring will have a mix of stats and abilities from both parents - that is what the cost for Hatching is based on.

Some pet types (mostly Level 48 and promo pets) can create true Hybrids that are a pet type unique from either parent.
Hydra + Satyr = Reaver

You cannot undo the mix.

We are seeing previously unexpected Hybrids appear from various combos.
There may now be more than two Hybrids for each combo.

(Also, I think we don't know that the percentages for each result is split exactly evenly. The pet types of the parents could be weighted to appear slightly more often than the Hybrids)

Wizard101 Pet Mixing Guide

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