02 August 2010

Monster High free online games for kids

Monster High! This fangtastic destination has free online games for kids, online activities and fun online videos for kids! Play monster games, do monster activities and watch monster videos. Share your scary cool printable activities with friends, create your Monster High ID and download monster wallpapers and IM icons.

Monster High™ - Meet Draculaura
me and my friends play this game monster high and im draculara my friend maddy is claw deen wolf and my friend allyson is frankie stien.

Monsters Monsters Monster's Zone.

Come on Monster High

Monster High. The party never dies.

Monster Monster High,

Monster High.

Monster Monster High.

Freaky she can die monster high,

where student bodies lie

Lagoona Blue Jade: Draculaura Sasha: Clawdeen Wolf Yasmin: Frankie Stein Cleo de Nile: well one of the mean girls Duece: Camon i guess Zombie girl (i forgot her name):other mean girl and i agree the dolls should come out but try going to Monster High.com to find out more i guess

This is like really good. Um, is this like an actual show or something you guys made up? Cause this is actually really good.

Lagoona = SeaMonster

Draculaura= Vampire

Frankie = Creation

Deuce= Medusa's Son

Cleo De Nile = MUMMY Princess

Ghoulia= Zombie

Monster High™ - Party Planners
Monster high dolls were actually the mattel mold for bratz (beside the monster stuff) then MGAE got the rights to bratz back. So Mattel made Monster High.

Neat huh? Much better than Barbie too. I mean, barbie has been around since the 50's.

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