05 November 2010

How to install Zynga Poker Bot

How to install Zynga Poker Bot

1. Log out of Facebook
2. Run Z-Bot
3. Open up settings.ini and scroll down to the [Browser]. Change only if you don't use IE. Save and close if you made changes.
4. Go to your Texas Holdem Lobby. Be sure you have the chips showing on the top.
5. Run the ZyngaSeatConfig.exe . You need to have the whole lobby showing when you start it up so drag the folder off the lobby screen before starting it. It will let you know when its done.
6. Run the Z-bot.exe again. If you didn't copy over your seats info you'll need to join a empty 9 seat room. This part teaches it where your seats are and what your pic looks like.
If you ever change your pic you need to delete all the ini files in your data/seats folder and redo your seats
After learning your seats it will go into a room via the room chooser instead of hitting play now.
Every time you go to a new blind room a popup will ask you what the blind is. In the following the big blind is 1000 so just type in 1000 and hit save. Entering the wrong number here will lead to problems like going all in when its not suppose to!
If you don't see a popup your browser may have stopped it. Turn off the blocker or try a different browser.
It should now join a seat and start playing.
If all the seats are full it will go to the lobby and choose a new room.
6. If all goes well right click the bot in the toolbar and exit. You can now edit your settings.ini and dead_eye_fred.ini to your preferences. The ini help will give you info in what all the def settings do.

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