25 September 2011


Astronaut: Moon Mars and Beyond is the upcoming official NASA MMO. This demo called "Moonbase Alpha," explores NASA Constellation program design details planned by NASA for 2020. Timelines in Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond are set farther in the exciting future (2035+), but the ability to explore our own near-future moon missions are in scope in the much-anticipated STEM-learning game sponsored by NASA Learning Technologies.

The NASA Learning Technologies (LT) project supports the development of projects that deliver NASA content through innovative applications of technologies to enhance education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

NASA is now working on "Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond" a game set in 2035 with mankind setting off to settle across the Solar System. "Real science, technology, engineering, mathematics and physics content is infused throughout the AMMB universe. Astronauts may pick from several character classes, including several types of Engineer, Physicists, andPilots," said a description of the game.

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