18 October 2011

ArcheAge Class

ArcheAge currently under development XL Games. Every person who entered Archeage, will begin their journey to solve the relationship between fathers and 12 of this world.

Ferres, Brave Hunter of the Continent Harihara

The Ferrers is a race of nomads who have never stayed in one place for long. They are excellent hunters as well as sword and bow users that are reliable with the same skill. Each member of the tribe that has a snow lion is tamed and serves as a mount, a valuable asset, and lifelong friend. The Ferres will struggle to survive by any means, sometimes even leaving his partner when they were sufficiently threatened. But, Once Upon about others who have risked their lives for the honor. It is the belief that emboldens them to continue to stay to explore the world.

Nuians, Passionate Defender of Nature

Descendants of the Goddess Nui, Nuians strive to maintain and follow the tradition of honoring them. Alamdan they respect the natural beauty and value harmony above all else, but with no fear of fighting to protect their beliefs. One day they hope to see the revival of their empire had collapsed.

Elves, Rangers of the Glad Heart Death By Honor

Elvis lives in a remote forest, meditating on the history carved in artifacts that they find there. They fear the whole world jealous of their beauty, but fear for their mysterious activities. Some Elves wandering in the dangerous land to find a noble battle and death, while others just want to recover their lost a long tradition.

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