18 October 2011

CastleVille Cheats Hack

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus reported that the latest game from the game series "Ville" it is CastleVille, in addition to nine other new games. Nine others are Hidden Chronicles games, Bingo Zynga, Mafia Wars 2, Dream Zoo and five mobile games, namely Words With Friends, Poker, Farmville Express, Shakedown Mafia Wars and Dream Zoo Mobile.

CastleVille is the fourth installment in the Ville series of Zynga. It’s really exciting to see what’s around the corner, and that’s the new element of CastleVille from the other Ville games.CastleVille is an upcoming Facebook MMO game where you set foot on a medieval wonderland, assume the role of a chivalrous knight, and fight against hordes of invasive beasts outside your castle. Developed by Zynga behind a series of famous titles like FarmVille, FrontierVille and Adventure World, the game will be an impressive MMO with its emphasis on social features.

CastleVille will be share a lot of similarities with it’s “Ville” cousins but will also have a lot of differences. Once of the big enhancements everyone is talking about will be the orchestral score. It will be one of the first games on Facebook to have its own original soundtrack. It was made with a 75-person orchestra and a full choir. The graphics and animations will also be very ambitious for a game on Facebook. Looking for CastleVille Cheats and Game Guides? you will find all tips and secrets to finish your quest in CastleVille.

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