18 October 2011

DK Online Class

RPG Factory released a new trailer on the official website of DK Online is introducing four classes contained in the DK Online, the Warrior, Paladin, Warlock, and Sorceress. It remains unknown whether the class is determined on the basis of race or not. However, if viewed from this trailer, each race particular class. Human as a Warrior, Lycan as Paladin, a Warlock and Elf Gray Elf as the Sorceress.

Unlike the games that have been banned player kill (PK), Online Security promoting precisely those features. PK system in this game can indeed be said to be the same as the PK system in other games. The difference in this game, PK can be done anywhere, not just in PvP areas. Depending on the situation, sometimes a player can lose equipment when fighting against fellow players and be able to take supplies from opposing players. In DK Online, there is no restriction that a device, be it weapons or boost, can only be used by a particular class or race.

DK Online will carry out the closed beta on November 2, 2011. Registration for the beta testers have been opened since the last date of October 12, 2011 and will close on October 30, 2011.

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