06 October 2011

Hunter Blade 3D Action MMORPG

Hunter Blade Action 3D MMORPG Closed Beta period will end on October 3, 2011 at 00:00 (PDT). Fortunately, those who like to enjoy hunting monsters in the Closed Beta will not wait too long to get back to enjoy this game, as Publisher, Hunter Blade Dawawa announced that Open Beta will launch in late October.

Hunter Blade Trailer

Hunter Blade Official Announcement:

We announced that the Closed Beta Hunter Blade will expire on October 3, 2011 (PDT) at 00:00. Then the server will be closed, and will reopen when the Open Beta end of October. Things and the way the new game will be added in the Open Beta version, along with the degree level (60-70). Blade Hunter promised, the players will find a complete new world in which players will take their guns out with friends to explore and adventure. The characters are created in the CBT will be removed but the reward event at the CBT will continue to be accepted by the winners during the first week of the Open Beta.

For more about Hunter Blade, please visit the official site.

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