03 October 2011

Hunter Blade

Still remember the game called Hunter Blade? Well, today the North American Hunter Blade servers will end the closed beta and will soon enter the open beta phase. Publishers from the United States Dawawa Blade Hunter announced that OBT will be held at the end of October 2011. At later stages of OBT, Hunter Blade will add new missions, new game play and level cap will be raised from level 60 to level 70. In this OBT stage, players will be able to explore the new world that is different from that existing at the last stage of CBT. Unfortunately, the characters created during the CBT will be removed, but all the awards that have been achieved at events CBT will be mailed to the winners when creating a new character in the first week OBT.

Hunter Blade is a 3D action MMORPG game developed by developers from China, JoyChina. This game is very similar to Monster Hunter, but Hunter's Blade still a different game. To follow the OBT stage of Hunter Blade, Kotakers can register and download the client at the official site Hunter Blade.

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