24 November 2011

MechWarrior Online

Located in the year 3049 during the early stages of a major war between the stars, MechWarrior online puts you to control the most powerful war machine that will be used on the battlefield, the strongest BattleMech. Take control of your Mech and adjust to the battlefield, system upgrades, replacement weapons, and armor tweaked with limited options. MechWarrior online gives players the right to control such as: head-to-head online alone or with friends in High-octane Conquest and VS Mode. Band together and form your own Mercenary Corp, invite your friends and fight with other player-made Merc Corps to get the prestige and power.

You will play an important role in the universe is dynamic and constantly changing where the players will feel the impact of exploitation of the world around you and the story will be updated every day and adding content often creates epic changes to the Inner Sphere universe and its inhabitants are many.

MechWarrior online deliver exceptional online experience, it is not advantageous for the player with experience points, C-Bills, unlock and awards. Upgrade skills and enhance your role in the game by using the all new leveling system, and the minute details of the statistics of the players allows you to compare, track and share progress with other players.

Four Pillar Design:

-Mech Warfare - Mech that is used to fight another fight the Mech.

-Role Warfare - The ability for players to customize their experience or experience to suit their own style of gameplay.

-Community Warfare - The ability to let the players take part in an epic battle for territorial control.

-Information Warfare - bringing new elements to the battlefield that combines with information technology to help control the battle.

Interface between MechWarrior and BattleMech are being reviewed. A 3D HUD's new system is being designed to showcase examples neurohelmet information. Point of view of the game is from the point of sample (MechWarrior). Players will be able to look around the cockpit and they can even customize the interior according to their tastes. Another aspect of Mech warfare, something we can do with new technology, is the urban combat. The battlefield is no longer an open area with long sightlines. Tactical maneuver will be needed now and more than ever, the key to success is to use the InfoTech play along with a great team. The new battle grids are implemented will give the sensation of a different battle than the others. Battlefield commanders will be able to summon forces air strikes, artillery attacks and demand the support of other units.

More information about MechWarrior Online on the official website: http://www.mwomercs.com.

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