20 January 2012

Age of Wushu Online

Wuxia trational Snail Games USA owned Colossal MMORP, Age of Wushu. In your journey to master the traditional art of ancient Chinese "Wushu", the players will face a battle in every action and also the players must choose or meet their own destiny. No two story characters will be played at the same time, because every act of yours is the determining property inheritance. Of the 300 teams of developers and more than 5 years in the making of Age of Wushu.

Martial Arts Schools introduces eight existing class at the Age of Wushu Online.

Schools - Shaolin

Dhyana benefits the world, all sorrow and pain can be removed.

Shaolin is not only proficient in Dhyana, but also an expert in martial arts Kongfu. Shaolin is the leader of external capabilities. Believed in the existence of divine justice. Shaolin also has a huge fame in Wulin.


Dharma Stick
Buddha Palm

Schools - Wudang

When Yin and Yang Become one, the benevolence is Invincible.

Wudang was founded by Zhang Sanfeng focused by using softness to counter violence. Wudang Qi and more use of internal strength to do battle.


Dragon Slaying Sword
Taiji fist
Taiji sword
Zhenwu formation

Schools - Emei

"Jinding soft finger" jade changes to bone and ice to flesh

Guo xiang founded by Emei when he was 40 years old. Emei is a woman who is never willing to surrender and defeat of the men. They are very membeci crime as a deadly enemy, they have a strong sense of justice and is always ready to help the weak.


Zixiao Kong-fu
Ruyi Kong-fu
Xuannu formation
Tianyin tune

Schools - Tang

Rain spread across the sky, justice and evil separated by only a thought.

Tangmen is a family that is very popular with users of weapons hidden in Wulin, they are very proficient in the use of concealed weapons and poisons.


Stormy flower needles
Shihun blade
5-poison scroll
Qisha scroll

Schools - Beggar Sect

Subdue the Dragon and TAME the tiger, all for the high Morality.

Beggar Sect is the largest sect of keadilam in Jianghu. Beggar Sect is the lowest group but they are very resilient and spirited helper. Beggar Sect known as "Dog Beating Staff Technique" and "Eighteen Dragon-subduing Palms".


Dragon Subduing Palm
Dog-hitting stick
Yuyang kong-fu
Dog-hitting formation

Schools - Scholar

Phoenix dances in ninth heaven, and plays a grief-strichen music.

Scholar mostly scholars who are good at playing the harp, chess, and painting. Their attack came from music and dance this is what makes them so unique. They focused on the use of internal skills.


Anran melody
Phoenix Sky
Mingyu kong-fu
Bagua formation

Schools - Royal

Change of souls in hell, and the chase of souls in the world.

Royal Guards was established in the Ming Dynasty. As the royal military institution, the Royal Guards have strong skills evil. They are frightening evil sect in Jianghu.


Tianmo Kong-fu
Xiuluo Kong-fu
Liuhe formation

Schools - Blissful

Ghost King has insight into sky, and sneers at the hollow prosperity of the world.

The workers of the valley Blissful most of them have strange properties, evil and cruel. They are rampant in Jianghu and killed a large number of people. They became one of the secret evil sect Jianghu.


Wugui Kong-fu
Duoming sword
Blissful fist

Key Features

-No Levels, No Classes: If you do not meet the level of certain conditions, then you are unable to choose an existing class.
-NPC Random Encounter System: You can find a special NPC who will be present only when a particular course.
-8 Martial Arts Schools: You can memlilih crafting school you sukain to improve your crafting abilities.
-Counter Combat System: In this game, when the characters fight against the enemy, it can automatically issue a counter attack ability when under attack from the enemy.
-Aerial Combat: Can the air war.
-32 Guild Sites: Can be upgraded to improve the defenses of each guild and guild leaders and guild members must work hard to build this.
-5000 Equipment Types: There are approximately 5000 types of equipment that existed at Wushu referred Unique equipment.
-17 Professions: 17 Profession / job that you enjoy.
-30 Online Activities: Can not online? Allow a character such as NPC. A true master never sleeps!
-6 Unique Story Lines: The storyline is unique to the players feel in Wushu.

Each skill has a unique martial arts action that will produce special effects, it also provides a traditional game controller that can be the players use.

For PvP system, this system has no restriction level only difference is the level of skill or ability possessed by the character of each, and the players will get the sanction of punishment if you kill too many other players who have a much lower level than with the level of the players have. Your skill level in playing your character is your fate in the PvP arena.

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