31 January 2012

Allods Melee Healer Guide

Melee Healer is popular job in Allods. With a fairly large deffend (using Plate at lv 30)+ sick damage + can heal, because it is this job making players enjoy doing in Allods.
Maybe it's a lot of guide-guide type of thing you can find by searching the Web seaching your Favorites, but I just wanted to share a little guide according to what I play now.

Allods Melee Healer PVP

Healaer Race

Allods Online distinguishing races in special skills / Special to the race only on the stretcher, although with the same job, same type of healer.

Elf Priest:
Punishment Vindicative siphon where the target with a small amount for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 2 minutes.

Kanian cleric:
Tensess' Shield provides defense based on the stats Endurance for 30 seconds with 2 minute cooldown

Xadaganian Inquisitor:
Unshakeable Conviction makes you and your group members immune to Control Effects for 10 seconds

Arisen Heretic:
Warped Faith Faith increases by 30% for 30 seconds with a cooldown of 2 minutes.

Choose the race that wise and in accordance with the desires of your heart so as not to repeat it again from scratch.


Possible for the beginner is very confused with the stat that is in Allods Online, since stat on Allods very different from the existing games so far.

For Healer stat itself consists of:

Intelligence - Increase Damage and Healing. Very, very important for the healer to keep raising this stat
Wisdom - Increase total Mana and mana regeneration.
Luck - Increase critical chance and lowers the possibility of glancing blow on the heal and damage. (Recommended percentage reaches 30% chance of critical and 7% glancing).
Perception - The possibility to receive the spell blocked, dodged or absorbed (the higher the percentage the less likely to be diblock, dodged or absorbed). Recommended for menaikannya to below 30%.
Faith - Reduces the possibility of wound heal resist complexities. Depending on circumstances, faith is vital to the Healer. For PvP needs and Healing, great faith is strongly recommended for them.

But the stat that I had been run in Allods, Wis Luck 60% and 40%. Int, Perception and Faith only from Equip.


In Allods Talent There are two parts the first is the Skill Tree (Skill Tree) and the second is a supporter of the skills-skills that exist in the Skill Tree (could be a passive or active skill skill [new skills])

Talent builds draws upon the experiences Allods I played in, there may be shortcomings and advantages. All come back to you to build a Talent that you think good. To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this talent we expect from your comments and input to achieve the best Talent.

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