29 January 2012

Guild Wars 2, Will the game satisfy?

MMORPG has certainly gone through many aspects of development. It even borders becomes mythical, something talked about but never seen. So you can not blame us list the game as one of the most anticipated of the year. This time, the game may have regained its status as a long-awaited. Again, they are excited about MMO players. Some of them are even more excited for Guild Wars 2 than for Star Wars - The Old Republic, and certainly says a lot.

Announced in 2007 the Guild Wars 2 fans did not give up long ago. In 2009, developer ArenaNet comfortable enough to issue the trailer. Then it was announced that the game may end up postponed to 2011, a demo ready by 2010. It is now 2012 and we are still waiting - or not. So here's the big news - Guild Wars 2 will finally be released this year. Also, "select button" to be invited to a limited beta in February. More people will be asked to test the game in March and April. This could mean that the game comes out in late spring or early summer. Right now, the game title definitely looks like it is ahead in terms of development. This could then be the year that sees some of the games that looked as though they were not ever going to start on time. We wonder how much has changed with Guild Wars 2, because of his previous appearances. The game was announced several years ago and was expected to be released much earlier than this year. But here we are, finally, knowing that the game comes out soon or early.

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