20 January 2012

SWTOR "Rise of Rakghouls" Hack

One month after launch, now "EA", "BioWare" and "LucasArts' first ready to release updates for their online games," Star Wars: The Old Republic ".

Launching on January 17, "Rise of Rakghouls" will introduce a new game content, balancing additional features and bug fixes as well. BioWare will continue to release game updates and plans for the next update was in March 2012 to add Flashpoints, Operations, WarZones and a new gaming system.

There will be a new Operation Flashpoint and the Rise of the Rakghouls also changes to the game, including PvP WarZones to level 50, additional anti-aliasing on and change the Open World PvP on Ilum.

Kaon Under Siege is a new combat group in the Kaon, Hegemony planets tion, group of four players Republic or Imperial should lead to destroy the appearance Rakghouls Kaon also secured Hegemony tion. Flashpoint has Normal and Heroic mode, but Flashpoint is only accessible to characters level 50 only.

Karagga's Palace is a continuation of the Operation. In Operation, team consisting of eight or sixteen players will face Karagga and the Hutt Cartel after the Hutts are not to be neutral and break their treaty with the Republic and the Empire. Operation itself has a mode Normal, Heroic and Nightmare. SWTOR "Rise of Rakghouls" Cheats will available soon.

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