23 February 2012

Lineage 2 Guide Compilation

---More about Masterwork Item----

We know that since the patch L2 Hellbound many changes occurred mainly in the type of item that was made into three kinds, namely Common, Superior and Masterwork. Common types are equip that has limitations that can not be enchanted, and has no special effects.

Superior type is the normal form of equip that can enchant and has a special effect.
Masterwork is a new type of L2 items that can only be obtained through crafting and can be obtained starting from Grade B. Before becoming a Masterwork, equip obtained from crafting a Foundation item first. After purifying the Foundation Item by the Blacksmith Mammon, then turned into a Masterwork Item new.

What's the difference with the Superior Masterwork?

For the Masterwork Armor, the difference of the Superior Superior Armor Armor is if the new set to get the effect set after having one set of equip, Masterwork Armor dividing set on equip effect that although the effect is not one set of armor sets can still be obtained even if not full effect (the effect of divided average according to the number of sets of armor).

Then the effect of the increase / decrease in Superior Stats armor set is removed so that those who do not want the effects of changes due to set amor Stats can choose the type of Masterwork Armor.

For Masterwork Weapon, the difference is Masterwork weapon will provide additional effects on such weapons increases Atk spd, giving effect to stun or Vampiric weapon, and so on. Given effect is not random at masing2 weapons.

Superior and Masterwork Weapon Weapon

Do Masterwork Armor can be used in conjunction with Superior Armor?

Can. By using the effect of the addition of the Superior Armor Stats can be used as well as the effect of the Masterwork equip. You do this by using the Masterwork Helmet, Glove, Boots, and Lower Body Full Body if it is not the type. Then use the Body Armor Full Body or Upper Body Superior type which gives an additional effect if a set of Stats. For Masterwork, Helmet also has a type Heavy, Light, and Robe.

Have Accessories and Masterwork Shield also has a type?

Yes. Accessories and Masterwork Shield type can be obtained starting from Grade B. Given effect by increasing max MP / MP recovery / M. Def / resistance to abnormal status. Shield while adding increased M. Def only.

What type of attribute that existed at Masterwork weapons?

Name & Description

Increase max MP

On Fire
Increase the strength of MP recovery (Recharge)

Increase M.Atk

Increase the MP regeneration

Reducing the use of MP

Holy Spirit
Enhance the healing power of HP (Heal)

Evil Spirit
Absorbs HP from an enemy / Vampiric effect

Enhance P. Atk

Great Gale
Increases attack speed / Atk Spd

Give effect Stun

Increase the max HP

Increase critical attack power / critical power

Increase the likelihood of critical attack / critical rate

Improve the accuracy

Increase hindaran / evasion

The molar
Give effect Poison

Increase the strike range / range

With the above information is expected the player can get more in-depth knowledge about the Masterwork Item.

---Quick Level to 40---

Lineage2 since patch "Kamael" benyak been changed to help new players. The existence of NPC "Newbie Guide" and the Vitality Gauge makes a player reaches level 40.

NPC "Newbie Guide" there are in each of the city and the beginning of the NPC "Adventurer Guide" in the big cities. Newbie Guide NPC which is reserved for new players to more easily choose the quest that is run as well as provide facilities buff that increases at each level.

In addition Newbie Guide also provides additional gift items and EXP for players who completed the quest that is shown to him.

Vitality Gauge is a facility given to players who rarely play to keep up with other players. Each level of the Vitality Gauge increase the amount of EXP gained when the player hunting. Vitality Gauge decreases with increasing length of the player hunting and when players are in town or Log Out.

Here is a striking level 40 easy steps:

Begin play by following the instructions of the NPC "Newbie Helper". (Read the instructions / tips given when a player reaches a certain level ranging from icons to guide the location to pick up skills as well as other instructions. Do not be lazy to read it well ^ ^)

Then the player will be given 2 options to go to the city or town the beginning of Kamael (Isle of Soul) to meet NPC "Newbie Guide".

Select to go to the Isle of Soul where there Newbie Guide will tell you to meet NPC Marcela to take Quest "Supply Check" which provides a prize of No Grade Armor set gives extra effect of Defense.

After arriving at the Isle of Soul, met Newbie Guide and follow the instructions provided.

After completing the quest do not forget to re-encounter Newbie Guide to get an additional quest reward and the next clue.

Players may choose to return to the city beginning after getting a set of No Grade Armor Quest or forward.

After reaching level 18, players are able to start the first job change quest. (Players can talk to the NPC Grand Master to determine the change in job or look on the web list for job change quest to find the NPC who first found the instructions and use the facility through the window Map-> World Info-> Quest List-> select the name of the quest to map the location where there is a sign of NPC)

After completing the quest and reached level 20 quickly turned into a job first.

Began to level 20 players can choose to follow the hunting or quest. To search for a suitable hunting spot to use the facility level through the window Map-guide> World Info-> Hunting Zone. See the right column to adjust the level of players. Select Field if playing solo and Dungeon for the party.

Do not forget to use the facilities provided buff Newbie Guide to facilitate hunting.

Once a player reaches level 35, begin second job change quest.

Quest has a 3 second job change quest stages starting from level 35, 37, and 39. (Kamael race enough to start from level 39 only)
Check on the web, what quests you should take in accordance with the second job change you want to take. (Players can also find a quest that must be taken to talk to NPC "Grand Master")

With a quest to change the player usually already reached level 40 after the finish.

Please note that the quest steps taken must be appropriate to the desired second job change. If not then the player can not change and must repeat the appropriate quest. (Except for Kamael race that has a quest)

It's good to see Quest Guide before starting the second job change in order to facilitate complete the Quest.

Not to place one player will take the quest for level 40 if it passes, free teleport facilities already granted Gatekeeper can not be used so that the player must pay each time you make a teleport.

After completing all the quests and reach level 40 quickly turned into a second job.

If the players do the above steps correctly then just the first day players can reach level 40. If players are having difficulty in obtaining Adena, please read the first "Adena Saving Tips" before starting.

Players are advised to first determine what job you want is taken by asking the other players in the forums Lineage2.

---Adena Saving Tips---

In the game like anything else, money is the main thing. Money is the thing that helps us to survive and strengthen itself by equipping ourselves with the weapons and the protection it needs. To get it, sometimes we need a big sacrifice even have to do boring things. In game L2, we can save it. At the beginning of the game, Adena (L2 currencies in the world) is hardly necessary to meet the needs. For that, follow the steps below.

After starting the game, do not immediately directly to hunting.

Talk to the Newbie Helper it will give you the task.

After completing the task, return to the Newbie Helper to get a prize.

Unlike the usual MMORPG games, game items, such as L2 has Soulshots / Spiritshot. These items are useful to increase the attack power weapon / magic than normal attacks. The items are easier for you to do the hunting. (Keep in mind, Soulshots / Spiritshot is required needs to be continuous)

Then spoke again with the Newbie Helper to continue its work.

Talk to the NPC next to them then you are presented with a gift Soulshots / Spiritshot. Then he told you to get to the village.

Here you can select 2 way. The first race went to the main village of your choice or go to the village Kamael race.

It is recommended you go to the village Kamael first.

Once up, see the Newbie Guide.

He will ask you to perform a task with which he met with the appointed NPC.

After the meeting, chosee Quest "Supply Check" to get started. These quests reward you a set of light armor and Exp. (You do not have to spend Adena to buy armor, plus a set of armor gives additional defense if you wear them)

When finished do not forget to come back to the Newbie Guide. He will provide additional Exp, Soulshots / Spiritshot and Adena.

Do not buy a weapon. Because when you reach level 6, you can talk to Newbie Guide to request a shadow weapon exchange coupons.

Once you can coupon, you can exchange it with the appropriate weapons. Although the shadow weapon could disappear within a specified period. (This is already save money to buy weapons)

Follow the quest of the recommended Newbie Guide and do not forget to come back to the Newbie Guide after completing a quest for additional prizes.
Do not forget to use the facilities provided buff Newbie Guide / Adventurer Guide mainly buff "Blessing of Protection" that serves to avoid the Death Penalty as a player was killed by a monster that requires you to buy the scroll recovery to recover it. (Buff can be used until a player reaches level 39 )

After reaching level 18, you can start a quest to change into Job1.

No need to hesitate to use the facilities provided Gatekeeper teleport, because until level 40 teleport you free of charge.

Use of Escape Scroll given early in the game also please note. You can use it only if the place you want to go far from the village.

Do not ever sell basic materials such as animal skins, animal bone, and so on NPC shop, because in many shops in the city of non NPC offers a more expensive price than the NPC shops. (Advisable to check the price first before selling it with a check in each city) Or it could be you save it to make weapons or protective material later.

Once changed to Job 1, do not forget to visit the Newbie Guide to request a coupon Accessories grade D. Once can be exchanged to get a set of accessories grade D. (This also saves the expense of purchase accessories)

Once you turn into a Job, you are given a coupon to redeem a shadow of weapons grade D. (This saves re-purchase of weapons grade D expenditure)

Having changed to job 1 at level 20, you have to use the equipment grade D. Then consumption will Soulshots / Spiritshot turned into a grade D.

Soulshots / Spiritshot can be purchased from stores such as non NPC Dwarf. But may I suggest, to buy Soulshots / Spiritshot grade D should use L2 pharmacy services, because the amount of adena will you spend will be very large for Soulshots / Spiritshot. Though the money is prepared to buy the equipment Grade B which will not be sold in stores NPC.

At level 20, you can proceed with selecting hunting spot or follow an existing quest.

Try not to buy the equipment. If you need buy only the Common Item just because the price is much cheaper. If you still want to buy a Supperior item, you should look for the armor set that gives an additional effect. Apart from armornya set you can buy a common item. For weapon grade D did not have to buy the item for Superior could not give Special Ability.

To get the weapons and protective TOP, go to a big city like Giran / Aden to shop. If you want to shop more cheaply from NPC shops, be diligent to see non-NPC shops that are usually held in downtown or near the Gatekeeper. (Sometimes non-NPC store may be cheaper, sometimes more expensive. So be careful)

When you start a second job class change quest, players get the item "Dimensional Diamond" which can be exchanged at the Gatekeeper with the scroll to move the city. Do not use these items for as long quest before reaching level 40, players are free to use teleport. To return to the city from a long trip, simply buy a Scroll of Escape. Use Dimensional Diamond later to move the city when a player has reached level 40 more.

Once past the level 40 and turned into a job 2, begin to choose a hunting spot.

When turned into a second job, you also get a coupon for shadow weapons grade C. (So ​​you do not have to buy weapons grade C)

Do not often move the city to select hunting spot because teleport is not free anymore. Should select a city that has instant dungeon Kamaloka so you can be hunting with other players to raise the level without having to move around the city.

Try not often killed the monster because it can be exposed to death pinalty you buy a scroll that requires recovery.

Be wary of a wide range of scams such as buying a voucher with Adena or sell goods at low prices but with the trade. Better buy the goods from non-NPC shop than with trade. (Sometimes players still salip eye between the amount of goods at a price of finished goods)

Buying weapons and protective grade B attempted to buy the original item is not common. (For the weapons are allowed for common items) Because besides giving effect to the additional armor can be enchanted setnya also to strengthen the attack and defense. (Or you can stay for not buying a for the original purchase of the original grade A grade A but usually cost much more)

Do not buy Dye NPC sold in the city let alone use it on the initial level. Dye should be purchased after the needs and protection of weapons-grade B are met. And purchase by the name of Greater Dye Dye commonly sold non NPC shops.

The tips above should help players reach level 54 without much cost. If you play with different characters, it's good used equipment that was not given to the character (by way of transfer through the Warehouse) so that when playing with these characters the player can save even more.

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