06 March 2012

Ministry of War Cheats

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Ministry of War is a strategy RPG game where players set up and upgrade certain buildings in the city, making troop units; establish and upgrade natural resources (wood, metal, food, and stones). Players can choose to play as one of the four civilizations: Egypt, Rome, China, and Persia.

Excess Ministry of War from other strategy games is the real time battles where players can see the army units of the above, to control them (attack, stay put, automatic), and use the abilities possessed hero. Players can determine who will attack enemy units one or all of the unit.

-Build your empire: Egypt, China, Persia or Rome.

-Advance the kingdom of Wild Age to the Imperial Age. Any Age have the
facilities or to create and upgrade certain units and abilities.

-Battle with the various modes of the environment against players around the city, the player against another player, and the guild against guild.

-Assault to seize enemy cities (Plunder) resources.

-Extend the civilization that you choose to use, and to bring the temple priest.

-Trading system for trading merchant to send the unit to the village or city.

-Strengthen your hero through battle experience, items, and also reproduce pasukkan skill.

-Develop a wide range of troops on a large scale of melee, ranged, cavalary, and also the weight of the unit.

-Beginner quest to help the new players to start his empire. Every age has a certain quest.

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