17 March 2012

Premier Football Cheat

Premier football cheat, it is a little tip from a friend who also maniac in Premier Football. keep in mind that the goal to play Premier Football game is to win. It is useless if no one else in the game to win. But there is always a strategy to maximize your game play and get the best results with the least amount of time.

It's actually not a cheat, but it will be a very good strategy to defeat your friends and your family in this game.

Motif of the game is very basic, Money. because there is no additional bonus for referring friends. You can challenge the 4 games / day. The more you play, the better the player you get, otherwise you get the money for training, incentive bribe and winning for your team. The larger stadium with a short amount of time it will take you to the top.

Get more money in the Premier football?

Make sure you agree with the challenge of 3 days, Once you get over 20,000 stadium seats a day, you should always buy bonus challenge and there are 4 challenges a day. Upgrade your stadium seat immediately after a challenge that is much more efficient, but it is difficult to say when your opponent is going to take a challenge. If they are your friends, you can instant message with them.
The challenge of getting people to 250,000 seats. [This is the hard part and you can learn the tricks here]? This will maximize the revenue you money every day, but you will get a very high negative goal difference and some loses. Do not worry because you will need to do this to 120,000 the most likely seat stadium and after 2-3 days, you will get 250 000 seat stadium.

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