18 August 2012

Best Class Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, Structured PvP is a special game mode that pits one team of five against another team of five in a battle for territory control. This is the type of PvP that will be used in competitive tournament settings. In fact, with Structured PvP, the developers of Guild Wars 2 intend for the game to be a central feature in most e-sports events. every class can be self-sufficient. Each class can dish out damage, restore their own health, and dabble in utility. What distinguishes class from class, then, is not what they can do but how they go about doing it. This leaves a lot of room for innovative playstyles and fun gameplay.

For Guild Wars 2, you’ll only have to buy the game. That’s it. Guild Wars 2, which will have active combat. No more standing around and watching your character swing away. You’ll be able to aim your spells and dodge incoming attacks. If you’re out of reach, the attack misses. If you aim your spell incorrectly, then you blast the wall instead of your opponent. Of course, there may be expansion packs that you can purchase, but if the developers follow the same model as Guild Wars 1 then expansions won’t be mandatory. You get what you pay for and you won’t need to keep shelling out more cash just to keep playing a game that you’ve already bought.

Guild Wars 2 is not only stylistic but downright beautiful. When you see a GW2 screenshot, you know which game you’re looking at. The concept art is mind-blowing. The art direction is unmatched. Not only is this game supposed to be fun, it’s going to be a joy to look at.

What Guild Wars 2 class are you? Looking Best Class Guild Wars 2 for playstyyoule :)

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