15 August 2012

Cheat peso lost saga

Cheat Lost Saga, No Delay Hack + Bug peso 999.9999. Cheat lost saga managed to cheat the GB is 100% if its used correctly cheat plus its permanent Hero.

These tutorial must be followed carefully in order to cheat his LS works fine:

Features and Hotkey
[-] 300% exp and the peso auto on
[-] F1 No Delay (work forever
[-] F2 Restock rare items
[-] F3 HP 500%
[-] F4 harvester gear
[-] F5 Hero Permanent [-] F6 Item rare''

[-] Go to Lost Saga.Exe
[-] Open cheat
[-] Login Lost Saga
[-] Wait til "Cowboy up"
[-] Click F1 to F5
[-] Wait 2-3 seconds and hold close immediately trainer
[-] Happy Cheat

Use it wisely!

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