03 May 2010

Allods Online Best Class choice

Anyhow, classes. A few things you might not realise:

* ‘Healer’ class can wear plate, can melee and ranged dps, and off-tank too. Requires different specs, but possible.
* ‘Summoner’ can heal, like a Warlock in WoW with pets, but a healer too.
* ‘Paladin’ like in WoW, has tank, dps and healer specs.
* ‘Warden’ the hunter equivalent also can off-heal.
* the female orc Warden gets a pet goblin with a cigarette in his mouth
* the male orc Warden gets a pet goblin who looks like a pygmy roman soldier
* female elves look awesome with no clothes on.

Some reports are that these off-healer-types can heal really well, so as the game evolves we might see a game where there are 4 viable healer classes and two tank classes (warrior and paladin), which is an appropriate ratio.

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