31 January 2012

Allods Psionicist Guide

Class who is destined to become the most unique and rarest in Allods. Psionicist has its own virtues. Known as the CC (crowd control) class fine day, but not many are finding that the ability of PSY DPS caster can outperform others.

Psionicist Racial


Gibberling Seer
~ Elevated Insight: Invulnerability dr physical attacks for 5 sec, 2 min cd, ct instant.
Oracle Elf (Update Undaunted
~ Grim prophecy: 2 next attack must be critical, duration 20 s, 2 min cd, ct instant.


Xadaganian Mentalist
~ Sonic Wave: Stun area for 4 sec, 2 min cd.
Arisen Occultist
~ Mental Fortitude: Invulnerability dr magic attack, for 5 sec. cd 2 min.

Psionicist Talent

Psychic shock: generate astral attack, no cd, ct 1.5 sec.
The first attack for psy, little damage. generally rank 1, rank 2 / 3 for the build shock.

Mental links: create a link with the target, increasing damage by 15%, which consume during an active skill. no cd, ct 3 sec (1.5 with ruby)
min rank 2. obligatory skill psy-owned, this skill requirements for using the twin. with this skill will emerge a new skill "erase memory" instant attack skills, damage doubled if target hp dbawah 30%

Pain transfer: skill attacks, giving effect to psy MO 9/7/5 stack, cd 10 sec, 3 sec ct.
generally rank 3, rank 1 for some of the build. great damage, casting (ct) ​​its annoying.

Pyrokinesis: attacks skill , with 10% chance for extra attack (MO of course). no cd, ct 2.5. rank 2 / 3, I love this skill, its damage HARD, damage + + fits into it.

Twin: twin issue disappear dr who makes us a target. twin taking damage 3 / 2, 5 / 2 x folding. hrs there is a mental link to use this skill. cd 0, ct 0.
min rank 2. a must for psy, this skill created by a steady.

Mental resilience: MO 07/04/11 eliminate stack. 10 sec cd, ct 0.
Rank 2, rank 3 to MO users, AoE build.

Hypnosis: make target to sleep for 30/45/60 sec. mental link / active will of suppression. no cd, ct 4.5 sec (3.5 with ruby)
min rank 1.

Ectoplasmatic form: absorb attacks (except astral damage) depends int psy. 30dtk cd, ct instant, rank 3 for all build.

Mental cleansing: Heal who eliminate toxic effects, bleeding etc but give 4 stack MO. 2.5 ct / 2 / 1, 5 sec (instant with ruby), cd 0.
rank 0 for 3. skill that becomes an argument, who pros say this skill give good heal, the other said this sklill uselesss + extravagant ruby ​​too. the decision is in your hand.

Choke: channeling attack skill. gives attack / 2 sec for 8 sec. the velocity reduced by 50%, and 5 sec silence effect dot is the same skill with psychic shock damage. rank 0 for who hate channeling.

Mental pulse: Stun area 2 / 2, 5 / 3 sec, a radius of 6 yards, making the enemy was thrown. cd + - 21 sec, required for AOE combo.

Temporal acceleration: for 20 sec to increase the velocity and reduces casting skills by 30/40/50%. instant casting, cd 5 min, rank 3 for heavy DPS. cd 5 min!

Wall of Blades: astral attack produces an area 10 yards per second for 6 sec. gives 8 stack MO, cd 0, ct 5 sec, rank 3 for AOE. This skill is cast to the target with high Hp, if not then this skill will be lost when the main target of death.

Seal of health: party buff, HP increase by 10/20/30% for 30 min.

Telekinetic pull: pull enemies in a radius of 20 yards to the middle and make them knockdown. There 15/30/50% chance to stun the target. cd + - 19 sec, ct instant.
Go telekinetic GO ... psi coolest skill, like a black hole. shall rank 3 !!

Speactral Assassin: Dial a clone who resemble the target for 1 min, the clone received 3 x fold attack. ct 3 sec, cd + -2 min. Will active supression.

Some important ruby for PSY

Psychic Shock

Stress Resistance: making mental resilience eliminates additional 1/2/3 MO.
Unending knowledge: increasing Intelligence 3/6/9%.
demonic knowledge: astral attack increases the damage 3/6/9%.
Loop of time: restore Hp, where, a position to condition 10 sec ago. 3 min cd, ct instant.
Astral power: making psy immune to knockdown during the ectoplasmic form and eliminate every 2 sec stun effect / slow with 50/100% chance.

mental links

Link master: reduced casting 0.5/1/1.6 dr s mental link, hypnotic and spectral 0.3/0.6/0.9 sec.
Cruel master: increase damage pd hit targets who will from suppression by 8/16/24%.
Analytic Thought: improving the perception 3/6/9%.
Mind Fire: make 3 Skill casting becomes a target for 20 sec cooldown. ct instant, cd 1 min.
Doppelganger shock: when a twin dies, the target will be hit stun for 3 sec.
Telepathy: increase additional attack chance by 10/05/15% dr pyrokinesis. and 50 chance to pose no additional effect when the attack came MO.

Transfer Pain

Superficial Trance: restoring a whole where for 5 sec. casting this skill will decide smw psy link. cd 5 min (3 min with ruby quick mind)
Mind Bender: 5/10/15% increase conviction.
Medium: to give an astral effect 10 sec pd blight hit the target who telekinetic / mental pulse. additional damage if the target will dhasilkan astral attack.
Telekinesist: improving mental attacks 50/100/150% pulse slow and give effect 25/50/75% for 7 sec.


Allods Psionicist DPS Build

Allods Psionicist Shock Build

Allods Psionicist AoE Build

Allods Psionicist Hybrid Build

Allods Psionicist Fun Build :)

(+) Pross
A very unique class
Ability DPS eminence
Skill CC (control) that amazing (Telekinetic, Mental Pulse, hypnosis, etc.)
Support class who steadily (SOH, AAP, Telepathic Gift, etc.)

(-) Cons
Mental overload "MO" (reduce int 2% / stack)
Casting time "ct" skill that long
Mana management

PSY usually no difficulty in PvP by 1 & off healing classes (scout, mage, warior), to fight the duo class & healer, it takes effort, you play with mouse finger agility all shall resolved. Thanks for your attention. If you have questions or criticisms please convey this post.

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